Elite Wooden Rings

Elite Wooden Rings

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The  Elite Wooden Rings are made with our exclusive SprialStrength design. They are stronger than normal plywood rings. Also includes our deluxe straps and 100 page eBook, "Ring Training for Elite Fitness".

  • Stronger than plywood and cleaner appearance
  • Quickly setup anywhere, including beams, bars, power racks, swingsets, doorways and even trees
  • Super portable with 18' straps (9' range) and measured webbing for fast adjustments
  • Superior feel of natural wood for a secure grip, even without chalk
  • Master the Muscle-Up with our exclusive eBook. It's free with your order. Over 100 pages of tips, photos, workouts, progressions and more

Superior Quality to Plywood Rings

RingTraining has pioneered a new production method for building the strongest, highest quality wood rings ever made. We call it SpiralStrength.

detail of Elite Wooden Ring

Wood is the ideal material for gymnastic rings, because it absorbs sweat, which provides a secure grip with little or no chalk. That’s a major advantage when you’re cranking out muscle-ups in the heat of an intense workout.

Normal wooden rings are created by cutting a ring out of a sheet of plywood. Plywood is versatile, but it’s not optimal for rings. Our unique SpiralStrength design is created by wrapping long thin strips of veneer into a coil. This aligns the grain of the wood for optimal strength. This means the full strength of the material is utilized.

Why train on gym rings?

Enhanced bodyweight exercise. Rings make all of the most basic, proven bodyweight exercises even better. Rings can move in any direction at any time, with zero friction, so you must constantly stabilize them. Their mobility allows for unique exercise variations not possible on standard equipment. It's possible to train at Olympic levels of difficult, but the adjustable height makes our rings accessible to everyone.

Pushups on rings are probably the most effective chest exercise on the planet, since you have to actively engage through the entire movement. Ring Pullups are the most ergonomic method for people with shoulder and elbow problems. And the muscle-up is the most complete upper body exercise there is, because it combines the full range of motion for both a pullup and dip.

Core training on the rings is dramatically more effective. Midline stabilization is mandatory, even on the basics, like the pushup. If your core isn’t actively engaged, the rings will fly away! Ever seen a gymnast with a weak core? ‘Nuff said.

Premium Quality 18 Foot Straps included

You also get a pair of our top notch straps, which have measurement markings for quick height adjustments. This takes the guesswork out of changing from one exercise to the next. Just align each buckle to the same marking and you’re ready to go! Our straps are 18 feet long, with a functional range of 9 feet. You can go from pullups to pushups with ease. You can set up the Elite Wooden Rings anywhere you have a sturdy overhead support. Bars, beams, swingsets and even tree limbs can be turned into a world class gym.

pre measured straps

Master the muscle-up with your free book

Ringtraining for Elite Fitness ebook

Over 100 pages of the info you need to jump start your new workouts. Ring Training for Elite Fitness covers dozens of different exercises and has one of the best muscle-up tutorials ever written. Explanation of efficient technique and a detailed progression of exercises is provided. If you're eager to master the king of upper body exercises, this is the place to start! Dozens of sample workouts are provided, plus training guidelines for devleoping strength and fitness. You can download your guide immediately after you place your order.