About Us

Ringtraining.com was founded by Tyler Hass in 2003. Since then, we have gone through an evolutionary process with the design and manufacturing of our products. We started out with a very simple idea: to produce top-notch equipment for people willing to train hard. The company was started in a college dorm room, like many of the world's most successful companies. Since 2003, we have grown tremendously and now provide equipment to clients all over the world, including elite military units, pro athletes and the hardest training men and women on the planet.

Tyler Hass is a competitive tennis player with a lifelong interest in fitness. His interest in tennis and martial arts led him into hardcore fitness training. Ringtraining.com was founded when no one else was selling gymnastics rings designed for fitness workouts. Not being a gymnast, he created something accessible so that he could progress gradually into harder moves. As a result, he created the first portable, adjustable height rings. He is a regular contributor to the CrossFit Journal and published Girevik Magazine and Power Athletes Magazine, both devoted to modern, functional fitness.