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Elite Rings 360

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2 SpiralStrength Rings
2 MASS Straps, 9' x 1.25"
RingTraining for Elite Fitness ebook

Elite Rings 360 are our newest and most advanced gymnastics rings for fitness. In 2003, RingTraining launched the first portable, adjustable height rings. The Elite Rings 360 are the culmination of years of refinement. The rings use our exclusive SpiralStrength design for increased strength. And the new MASS straps are the easiest to use, quickest to setup and most versatile.

A More Powerful Ring

Rings forged from 32 layers of birch. Coiled into a tight spiral. SpiralStrength optimizes the tensile strength of the wood, making our rings at least 20% stronger than plywood rings.

Rapidly Setup Anywhere

The new MASS straps can go up in seconds. Adjustments are precise and quick, thanks to our numbered attachment points and triple carabiner system. Check out our setup guide to see how you can setup the Elite Rings 360 anywhere you want to train.

MASS straps

RingTraining for Elite Fitness ebook

Every order includes our popular guide to the basics of training with rings. At over 100 pages, it includes in-depth advice on exercises, technical execution, workouts and training programs.