Freestyle Trainer 360

Freestyle Trainer 360

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Included with your purchase:

  • 2 Freestyle Handles w/ texturized grips
  • 2 Extra Wide Foot Cradles
  • 2 MASS Straps (9’ x 1.25”) w/ dual carabiners



Freestyle Trainer 360 is our third generation hybrid trainer, incorporating redesigned handles and brand new extra wide foot cradles. Freestyle Training is like ring training for your whole body. You can elevate your hands, feet, knees, elbows, forearms and more. The biggest improvement: our handles and cradles are now fully independent components. You can set them at different heights, eliminating many time-wasting strap adjustments during your workouts.

Like Rings for your Feet

Wider is better! The new foot cradles allow you to suspend your feet, knees, shins, elbows and forearms. Narrow foot straps cut off the ankle joint. Going toes-in with the extra wide cradles trains your ankles through their full range of motion. Plus, it's easier to get in and out.


Premium Handles

New texturized rubber handles are our best ever. They are easy to clean and feel amazing. When you use them, the straps lay flat against your arms for improved comfort. These are a big upgrade from the typical foam handles.


 Rapidly Setup Anywhere

The new MASS straps can go up in seconds. Adjustments are quick and precise, thanks to our measurement markings and carabiner system. Just clip into a numbered attachment point on one strap and then clip into the same one on the other strap. It's that easy.

And our triple carabiner system greatly increases the versatility of MASS. You can set them up in several different ways, with great options for every situation. Extra length? You can use the full 9 foot range. Organized? Clip away the excess webbing. See our setup guide for the full scoop on the MASS straps.

 MASS Straps