EXF Rings

EXF Rings

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  • Ultra-strong rings made from same material as riot shields and bullet proof glass
  • Quickly setup anywhere, including beams, bars, power racks, swingsets and even trees
  • Secure grip for muscle-ups with the new dual-textured rings
  • Fast height adjustments with measurements to ensure rings are level
  • Master the Muscle-Up with our exclusive eBook. It's free with your order. Over 100 pages of tips, photos, workouts, progressions and more

Gymnastic Rings designed for fitness

No other piece of equipment allows you to perform more effective, results producing exercises than a set of gymnastics rings. Pullups, dips, rows and pushups are the four staple exercises and each is greatly enhanced by the free movement of the rings. Your hands can rotate and move in any direction in a "frictionless plane". You must constantly fire off every muscle required to stabilize the rings. Beyond the basics, you have more exercises derived from gymnastics, such as the muscle-up. The difficulty can be adjusted to any fitness level. The height is adjustable from 1 to 9 feet, so you can safely train a variety of effective, functional movements at home, the gym, outside and wherever you travel.

Premium Quality 18 Foot Straps included

You also get a pair of our top notch straps, which have measurement markings for quick height adjustments. This takes the guesswork out of changing from one exercise to the next. You can spend minutes trying to get conventional straps leveled properly, or get it done right every time with ours. Now you just align each buckle to the same marking and you’re ready to go! Our straps are 18 feet long, with a functional range of 9 feet. You can go from pullups to pushups with ease. You can set up the EXF Ringswood anywhere you have a sturdy overhead support. Bars, beams, swingsets and even tree limbs can be turned into a world class gym.

2-in-1 Dual-textured Rings

Texture is one area where tastes and preferences vary. Some people like a large, gritty texture. Some people like a finer "frosted" texture. Maybe you have a callous that's about to rip? Or maybe you need a little extra help on your muscle-up? With two distinct gripping surfaces, the EXF Dual-Textured rings have the perfect solution for your needs. And switching from one texture to the next only requires a simple rotation of the ring. It's like having 2 rings in 1.

dual textured rings

The EXF Rings are the lightest rings on the market, thanks to the unique Endoskeleton Structure and the use of advanced composite materials. Solid rings made by other companies end up being heavier and too thin, because of the manufacturing process used. Metal rings are clunky and somewhat dangerous because of their weight. Our rings are just the right size and 3x lighter than metal. Because only half the amount of material is used, we can splurge on the most high-tech composites available. It is the same material used in riot shields and bullet-proof glass. A single ring can support over a thousand pounds and they are so light you can put them your gym bag and not think twice about taking them wherever you go.

Master the muscle-up with your free book

Ringtraining for Elite Fitness ebook

If you want to get the most out of your investment, you need to learn how to train with rings properly. We include the Ring Training for Elite Fitness eBook with your purchase. This covers dozens of different exercises and has one of the best muscle-up tutorials ever written. Technical tips and a detailed progression of exercises is provided. If you're eager to master the king of upper body exercises, this is the place to start! Dozens of sample workouts are provided, plus training guidelines for devleoping strength and fitness. You can download your guide immediately after you place your order.