Freestyle Trainer

Freestyle Trainer

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The Freestyle Trainer allows you to perform functional movements at high intensity. It's a portable total body workout. They feature the same straps as the EXF Rings, with a full 8 foot range. The dense foam handles include foot straps for additional variety.

  • Huge variety of exercises for the whole body
  • Quickly setup anywhere, including beams, bars, power racks, swingsets, doorways and even trees
  • Foot straps for challenging new core and lower body exercises
  • Fast height adjustments with measurements to ensure straps are level

The Freestyle Trainer liberates you to train with a nearly unlimited variety of functional movements. If you are familiar with ring training, you will enjoy the new possibilities provided by this light, portable tool. Not only can you do the ring movements, but you can also add in tons of new exercises with the foot straps. Some of the new core exercises and pushup variations will blow you away. And there are some great lower body exercises, as well. We call it the Freestyle Trainer because it gives you the freedom to create a limitless variety of exercises!

Freedom of Movement

freestyle trainer exercise sequence

Pushups are only one of the many exercises enhanced by the Freestyle Trainer. You've never truly experienced a pushup until you've tried them on here! When your hands are on the handles, you are free to move front and back, side to side and rotate. You can unlock dozens of variations. And then strap in your feet in and you have dozens more!

Dual Function Handles

dual function handles

Quickly transition from hand supported exercises to foot supported exercises using our newly design Hybrid Handles. The new foot straps are designed to wrap around your feet, holding them more securely than standard foot straps. They are also easier to get into and do not drag on the floor when you are performing pushups. To convert the handles to foot strap mode, you simply grab the foot straps and pull them down as you place your feet inside. To go back into handle mode, just grab the handle and apply some light pressure. The foot straps will elevate up and out of the way.

Ready to Train in Seconds

You can set these up nearly anywhere and it only takes a few seconds. If you have an exposed beam, a pullup bar, a sturdy tree limb or even a fence, then you have a place to train. Minutes later, after a brutally efficient workout, you will be amazed by how challenging such a simple tool can be. Freestyle training is hard, but fun. Whatever style of workout you prefer, it's easy to adapt and incorporate freestyle training into your workouts.

pre measured webbing

The biggest time saver of all is the measured webbing. Most people waste a lot of time during their workouts trying to get the rings level. Just eyeballing it rarely gets the job done right. Now, all you need to do is adjust each ring to the same mark and you're good to go. It only takes seconds to change from one exercise to the next and it's done right every time.

Gymnastics Ring Training with a Twist

Nothing beats gymnastics rings for developing Olympic levels of upper body and core strength. But the Freestyle Trainer's food cradles and lightweight design give it extra versatility for total body conditioning.

Innovative Design, Built to Last

Many innovative design elements from the EXF Rings are also used here and not watered-down. For example, the unsurpassed EXF Straps are also used on the Freestyle Trainer. These give you a full 8 foot range and height adjustments are lightning quick thanks to the measurements printed on the straps. The handles are not your typical off the shelf design, either. We reinforced it with the same advanced composite material that make the rings so strong. Additionally, we've used a dual suspension design, so each handle hangs independently of the other. This puts your arms into better alignment and keeps the straps out of the way. Even small design touches, like the way the straps run parallel to your arms to minimize abrasion, make the Freestyle Trainer a superior tool. Other designs have the straps running edge-wise to your arms, which can form a sharp edge under high tension.