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Elite Agility Ladder

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  • 16 sturdy flat rungs
  • 24 feet long
  • Carrying bag for easy storage
  • Detailed training guide with sample exercises and workout guidelines

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The agility ladder is a time-tested and proven effective tool for improving your footwork. The training effect is similar to jump rope, but with several advantages. First, agility ladder training is multi-directional. In most sports, you are not staying in one spot. You are moving forward, sideways and sometimes backwards. Second, your feet are also allowed to move independently in more complex patterns than a jump rope allows. And third, the cycle time can be increased greatly, because you are not limited by the speed of the rope turn. The end result is that you can train your feet to move quickly through complex footwork patterns. The benefits to any ground-based sport are huge.

Training on an agility ladder is simple. You run through the ladder in a specified pattern as fast as possible. If you step on a rung or fall out of the pattern, you have to start over. It sounds easy but it’s not! The simplest pattern is one foot in each rung. More complex patterns involve moving your feet inside and outside of the rungs. Your feet will move faster than a chef’s knife chopping carrots. And don’t worry, the included training guide will teach you all the patterns you need to know.

Easy Set-Up and Storage

The Elite Agility Ladder is designed for portability and quick setup. It includes a nicely designed bag to store the ladder in. To set them up, all you have to do is lay them on the ground and pull the slack out of the ladder. It takes less than a minute! Unlike many ladders, each rung on the Elite Agility Ladder is sewn into place, so you will never need to worry about them falling out of alignment.

The Benefits of Elite Agility Ladder Training

Agility ladder training will improve your speed, coordination, timing and balance. Plus, it will set your calves on fire. I’m not a muscle isolationist, but this is seriously effective calf training because it engages the fast twitch muscles. Olympic lifts, sprinting and other power training will help you move large distances quickly and that is a very important component of sports movement. Agility ladder training will add precision to those last few steps that get your body into perfect position. The importance of quick adjustment steps cannot be understated. They are like putting in golf.

Adding it to your workout program is simple. You can throw it in as a warm-up. It elevates your heart rate and awakens your CNS. You can add it into any workout where you might normally put jump roping. Or you can place the ladder training at the end for a nice finisher. You only need 3-5 minutes a couple times a week to improve.

After only a few weeks of training, you will notice significant improvements in your movement quality.

Elite Agility Ladder